Artwork Requirements

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Get Your Artwork Screen Printed With Our Help

If you’re looking to have your logo or your artwork imprinted, you can’t go wrong with Gallery of Tops in Decorah, IA. Come to us for remarkable screen printing and embroidery services. We are locally owned and operated. 

Guidelines on How to Send Us Your Artwork

Please provide your artwork files on a CD, USB storage device or through email using the following guidelines:
  • All files should be prepared for use on the PC platform
  • Art department uses the following software applications: CorelDraw X3, Corel Photo-Paint X8 and Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Vector files made in CorelDraw (version X3 or lower) or Adobe Illustrator (version CC or lower) are preferred
  • When using tints as part of the artwork, we recommend staying within the 10 percent to 80 percent range to avoid lost or closed halftones
  • Please be sure to save all typeset characters as outlines (Illustrator) or convert to curves (CorelDraw). You can also include fonts with your project when sending
  • Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw or Corel Photo-Paint files (PSD, JPEG, TIFF, etc.) must have a resolution of 300 dpi or higher at actual print size
  • Line art (such as 1 color logos, pens and ink drawings, etc.) should be scanned in at 600 dpi at finished size
  • Images taken from the internet are typically not of high enough resolution for printing
  • Specify ink colors in PMS/Pantone numbers only
  • Art charges of $25 per hour will be added for any computer time needed to change/reformat/recreate artwork not to specification
  • Please remember that the quality of your end product is limited by your original artwork

Color Shading

Color shading is achieved by using tiny dots of varying sizes which are known as halftones. An image that appears very smooth on a computer screen can look a bit grainy when printed on a
T-shirt. You need an effective way to simulate varying shades of color using only one color of ink.

In garment printing, we usually use a resolution of around 40 lines per inch. This resolution is higher than those used in other printed media such as new print, which uses 65 lines per inch. To learn more about color shading and screen printing, please feel free to contact us.
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