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FAQs About Our Screen Printing Services 

Turn to Gallery of Tops when you need to screen print your logo or artwork on T-shirts, sweatshirts or other apparel. Here are some frequently asked questions about our screen printing services.

Q: How are your screen printing services and products priced?  
A: Our prices depend on the on the cost of the garment you selected and approximately how much it will cost for us to screen print it. Screen printing a T-shirt requires films, screens, inks, equipment and overall production time.

Our apparel pricing is set based on colors and sizes. Dark color cost more, as does anything above XL. We charge per shirt based on the number of colors. Fewer shirts and the level of difficulty will increase the overall price of your order.

Q: Will it help me save money if I provide my own garments?
A: We buy in volume. Due to the amount of business we provide, you can’t get the rates that we can get. We’ll store the garments before the silk screen printing job and also deal with any potential defective merchandise.

Q: Why is it costlier to screen print dark shirts?
A: Dark garments are more expensive to purchase in general. Also, dark shirts require an additional screen and flashing (partial drying) between colors. This slows down the production process which inflates hourly rates and overhead.

Q: Why don’t I get an extra discount for 5 different jobs?
A: 5 different jobs of 100 aren’t the same as a single job of 500. We provide additional discounts based on how efficient it is to do the job and not from the number of jobs we get.

Q: What’s the rough turnaround time?
A: Our turnaround time varies depending on the items and the amount selected. We quote our turnaround times based on working business days. As there’s no 100% guarantee of shipping and transit times, they are excluded from our turnaround time calculation.
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